Room Decoration

Thrones, Postbox & Easels:

Choosing to hire one of our white, magnificent thrones can make an excellent addition to your wedding reception. We also offer easels at The Party Selection, Telford, Shropshire to accompany the thrones and they are often used to support and display a table plan or pictures of the happy couple.
As well as the thrones and easels we offer a classic looking post box allowing your guests to safely and securely post any cards or messages they may have for you both….leaving them for you and your new ‘partner in law’ to read, share and enjoy a precious moment in time at a time that is convenient for the both of you.

Thrones Postbox Easels
Cheese and Sweet Carts

Cheese and Sweet Carts:

At The Party Selection, Telford, Shropshire we really do think of everything and one of our best ideas is a truly magnificent showpiece called the ‘Wooden Cheese Cart’ finished with genuine antique wooden cart wheels.
And to make it even more appealing there is even a special rack for crackers…
Also available for hire is our illuminated Little Gemmy Choo’s sweet trolley for all those guests with a sweet tooth. The trolley includes twinkling LED’S, downlighting and even a motion sensor which lights up all the jars… we can assure you that you and your guests will be delighted with this absolute yummy treat.

LED Banquet Tables:

We at The Party Selection company also offer the incredible service of illuminating your banqueting tables as part of our latest and very popular addition to our quality lighting services.
Helping you and your guests indulge in a unique dining experience and to help set the mood, we have individual tables that have LED’s built into each of them. These LED’s can be seen through table cloths and they even shine through the wine glasses. So please enjoy your sparkly, extravagant celebratory toasts!

LED Banquet Tables
PhotoBooths & Selfie Magic Mirror

PhotoBooths & Selfie Magic Mirror:

The Party Selection’s PhotoBooths can provide endless fun, laughter, and entertainment for you and all of your lucky guests who attend your special event. We can provide you with every photo taken in the Photobooth digitally, in addition to your wedding photos.
If you love to dress up for the occasion you and your guests will be able to do so by using the PhotoBooth’s props (supplied) allowing you to dress up before the counter reaches zero.
We pride ourselves in helping to make your event extraordinary and we are happy to announce that we are able to offer you the chance to hire a Magic Selfie Mirror. Everyone’s reaction to it have been incredible and we love hearing about the experiences of those who use it. Your guests will look forward to your next special occasion and they will love the fun and easy-to-use interactivity involved in the use of the magic selfie mirror.

MR & MRS 'Cake' Table:

The Party Selection, Telford, Shropshire team are proud to be able to supply you with, upon request, our Mr & Mrs. Table which has been specifically designed to give that extra ‘Special Touch’ to everyone’s wedding cake. We can also provide you with a twinkling LED skirt to help compliment the table or a quality white twinkling backdrop measuring 20×10 feet.

MR & MRS Cake Table